Aim and Scope

Aims and Scope of "Advances in Knowledge-Based Systems, Data Science, and Cybersecurity":


  1. Promotion of Interdisciplinary Research: To encourage and publish interdisciplinary research that bridges the gaps between Knowledge-Based Systems, Data Science, and Cybersecurity, recognizing the intertwined nature of these domains.
  2. Pushing Boundaries: To publish innovative and impactful studies that push the boundaries of conventional wisdom and contribute to the advancement of both theoretical frameworks and practical applications.
  3. Global Collaboration: To serve as a hub for international scholars, facilitating dialogue and collaboration across borders, and promoting diversity in thoughts, methodologies, and applications.
  4. Continuous Learning: To aid educators, practitioners, and students by providing a reliable source of the latest trends, challenges, and solutions, aiding in the continuous learning and evolution of the community.


  1. Knowledge-Based Systems: Covering the latest in artificial intelligence and its application in various systems, design and implementation of knowledge-based systems, tools for knowledge management, and the evolution of cognitive architectures.
  2. Data Science: Delving into contemporary techniques of data mining, machine learning, big data analytics, statistical modeling, and their applications in diverse sectors including healthcare, finance, and social media, among others.
  3. Cybersecurity: Addressing both theoretical and applied research in areas such as cyber threats and vulnerabilities, digital forensics, biometrics, cryptography, security policies, and the human elements in cybersecurity.
  4. Interdisciplinary Applications: Special emphasis on studies that integrate the three core areas, demonstrating how Knowledge-Based Systems can be fortified with Data Science methodologies to enhance Cybersecurity, and vice versa.
  5. Ethical Implications: Discussing the moral and societal implications of advances in these domains, fostering a sense of responsibility and ethics among researchers and practitioners.

Researchers, practitioners, and students working at the nexus of these areas are invited to contribute and engage with "Advances in Knowledge-Based Systems, Data Science, and Cybersecurity" to further the aims and stay within the defined scope of this esteemed journal.