Name : Mathew J. Heath Van Horn
Speciality : Interdisciplinary investigations to improve the ability to establish, operate, and resolve conflicts in cyberspace.
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Affilation : Assistant Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ,ERAU-Prescott,

Mathew J. Heath Van Horn has had a near-obsessive interest in Information Technology his entire life.  As a teen, he became fascinated with electronics and computer programming.  He learned how to design and make his own circuit cards and wrote basic payroll programs for some small-town businesses.  He joined the Air Force at 17 and spent 13 years repairing over 20,000 different pieces of vacuum tube and solid-state devices while working on his education in his spare time.  In 2002, he completed his education and earned an officer’s commission.

     As an officer, Matt spent another 10 years investigating and deploying various technological solutions.  He helped maintain 30-year-old assembler code for the United States’ premiere nuclear command and control messaging system.  Furthermore, Matt designed knowledge management and virtualization systems for over 35,000 military and civilian personnel scattered across the continental United States.  Before retiring, he helped design the skill requirements and training progression for over 10,000 new Air Force Cyber Warfare personnel.

     A lifelong learner, Matt has earned three associate degrees as well as a BS in Computer Science (on-line/in-res), an MS of Information Resource Management (in-res), an MS of Computer Science (on-line) and the National Security Agency’s CCNA 4012 Security Certification.  Matt’s current research efforts explore the decision-making process of cyberspace hackers.